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The Mundial Matosinhos 2016 in Portugal was a big success and DAC was also represented!

Dear bird lover,

Since the first of May 2015 DAC Pharma is the representative of APEX products.
With the APEX products DAC Pharma expanded its range of drugs with a whole new range of Oblong tablets which are very suitable for the individual treatment of your birds!

APEX Pharma brings over 10 years experience of drugs on the market and has had many requests from professional bird lovers.
This line of Oblong tablets has been developed especially for individual treatment of birds.
By listening to the bird lovers and identifying the most common problems, these products are now made available.

Also there is a great deal of attention to the usability of the products.
The oblong tablets:

  • are formed/shaped so that they are easy to give.
  • each tablet contain a slash-so that, if necessary, the dosage can be reduced by half.
  • are individually packed in blister

Both APEX Pharma and DAC Pharma believe that this new line Oblong tablets can contribute to the health of your birds.
We appreciate your opinion and suggestions about the products very much. Please do not hesitate to contact us.
Apex Pharma and DAC-Pharma.